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Alphabear is a a puzzle game where you have to create words using the letters given to you in each level. The objective is to use the letter tiles so that cute bears can grow and take their place. Each letter has a separate countdown that forces you to use them before the time runs out or they become stones and the bears get blocked.

The game mechanics are very simple: with the available letters on the screen, you have to try to make the longest words possible to get the most points. Of course, at times, it's best to make words with the letters that are about to turn into stones. Whatever your strategy is, the objective is to make as much space as possible for the bears.

In Alphabear, you'll find tons of levels and different bears, all super adorable. Fans of the video games, will also recognize the bears as the 'villains' in Triple Town, another excellent game from Spry Fox that is also available for download on Uptodown.

Alphabear is an original and fun puzzle game that has one of the most attractive and charming graphics that you can find on Android operating systems.
Word puzzles are making a comeback with Alphabear 2

We can confirm, without a doubt, that the Android version of the first Alphabear was one of the best games of 2016. This twist on the well-known Scrabble gameplay was released by the studio Spry Fox after their success with Triple Town. The game's saga is now being expanded to include this delayed sequel that we can finally download, despite it being in beta phase. Update: The game is now available worldwide.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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